When it comes to mobile display ads, Facebook has already outstripped Google.

Facebook is expected to rake in three out of ten dollars spent on mobile ads in the U.S. this year, says marketing research firm eMarketer.



Google will keep the lion’s share of mobile ad spend, reps from the firm said via email, taking home more than 50 percent of the total amount spent. Still, the search giant’s stranglehold on ad dollars in mobile is slowly loosening as new players like Twitter and Facebook come onto the market.

In fact, when it comes to mobile display ads, Facebook has already outstripped Google, taking home 21 percent of the pie in 2012 (Google grabbed 17 percent) and a forecast 28 percent for 2013 (Google is pegged to get 19 percent).

Overall, U.S. brands’ spending on mobile ads grew by 178 percent last year to $4.11 billion; this year, that number is predicted to rise a further 77.3 percent to $7.29 billion.

The biggest mobile ads story last year was how Facebook more or less singlehandedly caused a huge spike in mobile ad spending.

“The social networking giant offered no mobile ad opportunities at the beginning of 2012 but grew its mobile business at an astonishing — and unexpected — rate,” said an eMarketer spokesperson.

“Before Facebook’s Q3 earnings call, most researchers and analysts expected U.S. mobile ad revenues of roughly $45 to $100 million, according to figures examined by eMarketer. While the company’s total ad revenues were, for the most part, unsurprising, the share of revenues attributed to mobile advertising was far from it.”

Here are some stats compiled by eMarketer:

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