There has been a lot of excitement around Google Glass, but the truth is, head-mounted displays that interact with the world around you are an area being aggressively explored by a number of companies. One of the primary areas of interest for these devices involves augmented reality. A group of former Valve employees have set out on their own to unveil a pair of glasses that they hope will be the future of augmented reality gaming.



Created by Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, who are now operating under the name Technical Illusions, the CastAR essentially allows the user to experience augmented reality nearly anywhere and on any surface. The glasses are fitted with mini projectors that beam images from a connected PC. Those images are then bounced back onto the wearer’s eyes and active shutters on the glasses allow the wearer to see the images in 3D.

The current prototype is crude in terms of construction, but a recent demo at the Maker Faire was impressive. The team hopes to build a more streamlined, commercial version with the help of Kickstarter sometime in the fall.

Via Dvice