We have seen food delivery drones, and drones that even deliver wedding proposals, but there is one restaurant in the U.K. that aims to inject a bit of this robo-fueled futurism into your dining experience.


London-based Yo Sushi has started using an iPad-controlled quadicopter to deliver meals to customers at its restaurant. The drone waiter, called the iTray, also features two high-definition cameras that allow the cooking staff to see the reactions of the diners once the meal arrives.

There’s just one problem with this seemingly very cool idea: there’s not one video showing a customer or waitress taking the food off the drone’s serving platter. Why? Well, my guess would be that those pesky rotor blades that keep the device flying probably make it a bit difficult to pick up the plate without hitting them and quickly turning a cool concept into a spilled meal and bruised fingers.

Nevertheless, the direction of this setup is definitely moving in the right direction. Aerial drone-served meals will definitely be “a thing” as soon as the affordable versions of the devices are safer and more stable for such delicate operations in which spilling a hot cup of coffee on a patron could mean a lawsuit.

Via Dvice