QR codes lets bus riders pick up a few things on the way home using their phones.

The time you spend waiting for a bus can normally be put to better use, if only you weren’t stuck at the bus stop. That’s exactly why Walmart has decided to bring the supermarket to you, making it possible to do some of your weekly shopping while you wait.



Similar to an idea in Singapore that lets travelers buy products off the wall, the consumer goods giant will be launching 50 mobile stores in bus shelters around Toronto, Canada. Bus riders can scan QR-codes from their mobile devices at the shelters to buy items including Pampers diapers, Tide detergent and Crest toothpaste and have it delivered to their homes for free.

This particular campaign could help to boost the popularity of Walmart.ca, the company’s e-commerce site for Canadians who don’t have the time, or inclination to travel to the shops every week. Instead, they can have everything delivered right to their door.

Via psfk