Apple’s WWDC 2013

The conference that Apple hosted in San Francisco last week for 6,000 developers was a face-off between CEO Tim Cook and Jony Ive, his Senior VP for design. (Infographic)



That’s apparently how the folks at Viralheatsaw it, judging from the graphic they released Monday. When the social media analytics firm looked at the reactions to the news coming out of WWDC on sites such Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, what jumped out at them was the 35% edge Ive had over Cook in social media mentions and the 72% to 64% advantage Ive had in “positive” sentiment.

The full graphic, below the fold, also suggests that the Web’s reaction to iOS 7 — Ive’s redesign of the iPhone and iPad operating system — was considerably more positive than that of its critics in the press. See What the naysayers are saying.

Photo credit: iSource

Via CNN Money