How young people behave now is what’s going to be normal in a few years.

Just about everyone is carrying a smartphone these days and we wanted to look at how etiquette is going to evolve.  Checking the phone at dinner time was total no-no for some of us.  But since almost all of us carry phones around, is that still true?


We had Survey Monkey conduct a nationwide survey of people to see how and when people are using their smartphones. We have gathered the results here, focusing on the people that are aged 18-29.

Our reasoning for focusing on the young people: How they behave now is what’s going to be normal in a few years.

Almost nobody in the 18-29 year-old range thinks it’s unacceptable to answer a phone during dinner with a friend. Though, most of them only consider it “slightly acceptable.”

Interestingly, if the phone call is a business call, then it’s more acceptable to take the call.

Most young people think it’s okay to check Facebook or Twitter at dinner.

They’re even more accepting of texting during meals.

On a date, though, the equation changes. Don’t answer the phone!

Unless, of course, it’s a business call. In which case, it’s slightly more acceptable to take the call.

If you’re thinking about checking Facebook on a date, it’s fine, just do it while the other person is in the bathroom.

Same goes for texting. Text away, so long as the other person is in the bathroom.

Young people don’t leave voice mails.

Despite rumors to the contrary, young people are checking their voicemails.

That said, people aren’t really listening to their voicemail.

Email is inescapable, even for young people. Facebook is the second most popular starting point.

It’s totally cool to post a friend’s photo on the Internet without asking.

Tagging, checking people in on Facebook, also totally cool.

And finally, here’s a look at the people that were surveyed. More female than male.



And location.

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