By now, most people know about 3D printing.  It has has become huge, and more and more companies are creating 3D printers that can perform the most ridiculous prints. Recently people in Chicago took the chance to try out this technology, and they started 3D printing the Chicago cityscape using Google Maps as the base for their models. (Photos)



It is actually the Chicago Architecture Foundation that made the project possible, and now the city of Chicago can provide their residents and visitors with a complete and insanely detailed 3D model of the city. When you look at it, you will be impressed by the incredible depth and exact detail which makes the whole Chicago cityscape look exactly like it would if you were a couple of miles over it and looking down.

The project is still under construction, but so far it takes up about 320 square feet and is built up of over 1,000 Chicago buildings. The project will continue until every building is represented, which will give visitors the ability to look at Chicago from a street view as well as from above. What made the project possible was actually Google Maps Street View, which allowed the creators to print the cityscape in extreme detail.

Even though the 3D printed Chicago cityscape is geared towards the visitors and citizens of Chicago, it also gives architects and designers a clearer view of what kind of architecture has been implemented into the Chicago cityscape over the years. It should provide them with ideas and creativity when it comes to the Chicago cityscape. It also showcases 3D printing technology and what it is capable of creating once it’s harnessed when constructing buildings and all kinds of architectural designs.

Via Bit Rebels