A delicious and rewarding hobby is brewing beer at home.  It is also a complex and time-consuming hobby. If your beer is going to come out right you will need the right amount of hops, barley, yeast, and water.  They must be combined and heated at very specific times and temperatures. Homebrewers taking on a new batch of golden brew must dedicate an entire day to its creation — not including bottling. But a handy new robot, developed in Northern Ireland, is putting an end to all that lost time.



By automating the homebrewing process, hobbyists are free to set up their Brewbot in the morning and walk away. As their robot brewing companion nears the end of a given step, it sends a notification to their smartphone, prompting the beginning of the next phase. By day’s end, the Brewbot will have a five gallon batch of beer ready for the fermentation process.

As well as being automated, Brewbot’s brewing system is highly customizable. Brewers can upload their own recipes and brew times and even take a more hands-on approach to their brewing if they so choose. Brewbot currently supports iOS devices, with the Android app still in development.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the Brewbot will cost you roughly $2,730 — unless you act fast and snatch up one of the handful of remaining early bird units for $2,410. Custom siding will cost you extra, but if you drink enough homebrew the Brewbot actually pays for itself. At the cost of 42 cents per 12oz bottle, you’ll start seeing a profit after your 490th homebrewed beer (based on a $6 bottle of beer at your local bar). That savings will show up even faster if you snatch up an early bird unit.

To see Brewbot in action, check out the video below. To pick up one of your own, head on over to the Brewbot Kickstarter page here.

Via Dvice