At the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year, Toyota showed up with a three-wheeled escape pod of an electric vehicle called the i-Road. At the time Toyota declared the diminutive vehicle production-ready.  Not many “production-ready” concept cars ever actually see the light of day, but as it turns out, in the case of the i-Road Toyota has already begun producing the slick little vehicles. (Photos)



Very soon, a handful of lucky drivers will be slaloming through turns in these jet-fighter inspired EVs. They’ll have to keep those turns local however, as the i-Road is still a pretty short-range vehicle.

The first batch of i-Roads to roll off the assembly line will be sticking close to home. All 100 of them will be made available as part of Toyota’s car sharing program in Toyota City, Japan (yes, Toyota has a city). There’s been no word yet as to whether U,S. or European customers will see the i-Road in local dealerships anytime soon. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Via Dvice