DeepFlight Super Falcon

The DeepFlight Super Falcon (DFSF) is a sleek vehicle that flies, but it’s not flying in the air, it’s flying through the water. It is shaped like a stout fighter jet with two stubby 8.8-feet wide “wings” at each side, with a super slim chassis and domed semicircle waterproof windows. The 20.11 feet DFSF soars through water instead of simply sinking like traditional submarines. (Video)



In fact, its buoyant, lightweight hull is designed for “flying” through the sea by way of a “downward lift” motion and was designed with the same principles as aircraft. The DFSF is equipped with emergency “gas bags” so a malfunction would simply bring its occupants up to air by floating to the surface. It also comes with 24-hour life support to ensure a safe return.

For a comfortable undersea flight, the DFSF utilizes a pressurized cockpit that balances out the atmospheric pressure as the driver goes deeper, up to a depth of about 1,600 feet. The “sea crafts” can seat either two or three riders with a maximum weight of 507 pounds combined, and was even designed to do underwater barrel rolls around dolphins or spy-hops with whales to complete your underwater transformation into a metal mermaid. It’s also powered by environmentally friendly brushless DC thrusters and lithium iron phosphate batteries that give it a maximum cruise speed of six knots, a maximum thrust of 509 pounds, and a duration of eight hours per charge.

The advanced, James Bond-like submarine/airplane hybrid doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of $1.7 million, though renting it out for a day will only set you back a cool $10,000. A three-day pilot training program tacks on another $15K, for those of you that have that kind of cash laying around.


Via Dvice