3D printed underwear.

For those who hate to do laundry the days of washing your underwear may soon be over. Thanks to the power and versatility of 3D textile printing, the Tamicare company has created a biodegradable and completely customizable fabric that comes in any desired shape, with no fabric waste. (Video)



By using a spray technique, latex, cotton or other fibers are seamlessly extruded to form layers of a breathable fabric, ideal for usage in sportswear, bandages and undergarments. The machine can churn out a pair of briefs in under three seconds, meaning 10 million can be made in a year. The density of the outputted fabric is easily controlled by preset, so both mesh-like, delicate fabrics and heavier, thick ones are equally possible.

Other materials such as teflon and silicon can also be loaded into the machine to produce different fabrics and textiles (and maybe even invisible ones), depending on the need. The addition of a base plate allows for manipulation of patterns, embossing or other finishes, so the combinations seem to be endless: it’s probably just as capable of producing a sleek men’s suit as it would a basic cotton henley, making it perfect for the retail market.

In fact, the U.K.-based Tamicare has already been in talks with US manufacturers to bring its innovation to commercial markets, with Victoria’s Secret making a pit stop at its offices. Since the highly efficient, automated process seems to be more cost-effective than using live human workers, the cost of underoos may very well go down. Hey, as long as it doesn’t fall apart, why not?


Via Dvice