Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has just sold 150,000 units of its latest flagship device, the Mi-3, in under 10 minutes – using only a chat app: Tencent-owned WeChat.



The company announced that the Mi-3 sold out in 9 minutes 55 seconds on WeChat, via its Sina Weibo official account. This partnership between Xiaomi and WeChat proves that WeChat has much potential to be an e-commerce platform — after all the entire process, from reserving the device to purchasing it, took place within the messaging app.

As of the third quarter this year, WeChat has 272 million monthly active users.

Last month, Xiaomi unveiled its latest flagship device, the Mi-3. The first batch of 100,000 Mi-3 phones were snapped up in 86 seconds flat.

Photo credit: Tech In Asia

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