The ECLIPS system

Going out for an evening can be a lot of fun, but when you have to wait in a long line at the coat check to retrieve your garment it kind of loses it’s appeal. But now there is an electronic tagging system designed to speed that process up by making it much easier for the coat checker to find your garment. (Video)



The ECLIPS system solves two problems that slow down most coat check lines. First, it gets rid of those easy to lose claim tickets, replacing them with an invisible ink stamp on your wrist. At the coat check stand the attendant can read the number using an ultra-violet lamp. Then it makes finding your coat much easier by adding a clip with a blinking light to catch the attendant’s attention. ECLIPS was developed by Cooper Union student Alyssa Davis, and she claims that the system shortens coat retreival time by as much as 75%.

This all sounds like a pretty good concept, but I think it could be expanded somewhat further. How about a smartphone app that lets you notify the coat check stand as you’re getting ready to leave? That would give them time to get your coat ready before you arrive at the exit. On the other hand, this system would be most valuable at events where everyone is going to be leaving at the same time, creating a huge crush, so it wouldn’t help if everyone notified the check stand at the same time.

Check out the video to see more about how the ECLIPS concept works.


Via Dvice