Deb Frey trying out the MantaroBot Telepresence Robot at CES 2014.

The MantaroBot TeleMe TelePresence Robot is a mobile platform where you can plug in your own Apple iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet. The TeleMe is plugged into Skype or any other audio and video conferencing application and allows a user to remotely interact with co-workers and associates and their environment.



The telepresence system provides a level of interactivity which is not present with traditional “call-in” video conference.  The user can move around the room and observe participants through the tablet’s camera, allowing more effective communication. The user will be able to view live activities, meetings or hold one-on-one meetings.  Provided they have a Windows PC or Mac and an Internet connection, any user can access the TeleMe TelePresence Robot.

Via MantaroBot Telepresence Robots