You have to be future-oriented.

A sales position requires that you do more than sell your client what they need right now. To be a strategic partner and own that position, you have to be future-oriented. You have to help your dream client build a platform that helps them deliver the results they need now and in the future.



NOTE: If you’d like to improve your “future thinking IQ,” check out Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey’s columns here.

Solve More Than the Current Problem: When your dream client raises their hand and asks for your help, you are already too late; you’re not being proactive. Similarly, if you are only solving their current problem or challenge, you are also failing them. Your role is to know what your client doesn’t yet know, to anticipate what they need. Your solution needs to solve more than your customer’s existing problem, challenge, or opportunity. Even if it is more expensive. Even if it takes longer to make the sale. Even if it makes them uncomfortable.

Platform for Future Results: What are you selling your dream client? It is easy to withhold the biggest, best value creating solution you have because you believe it is more than your client presently needs. But your role as a consultative selling, trusted advisor, Level 4 Value Creator is to look at what your client’s future needs are going to be and help them get there. What you recommend and provide needs to help build a platform for who they are going to be and what they are going to need in the future. What you sell should help ensure that when the future arrives, your dream client is in position to take advantage of that future.


Is what you are providing your dream clients going to solve only their existing problem?

Does what you sell your dream client also position them for greater results in the future?

Do you propose solutions that aren’t really future-oriented because you fear it will be too complicated or lengthen the time it takes to win?

Do you know what your dream client is going to need to be able to do to produce better results in the future? Do you have a solution that will help build the platform for those future results?

Via The Sales Blog