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Scent Rhythm watch

Scent Rhythm is a new watch concept designed by artist Aisen Caro Chacin that does away with all those pesky minutes and seconds and hours witch dominate our lives. The watch replaces them with four scents — one for each six-hour period of the day. The scents are designed to mimic and encourage our own internal circadian rhythms, which govern the human cycle of sleep and awake. (Photos)


For mornings, espresso and caffeine greet the wearer of the Scent Rhythm watch. Working hours are augmented by wafts of paperback books and tarnished silver. For evenings there’s whiskey and tobacco, and wafts of chamomile with melatonin supplement your sleep.

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Granted, if you’re headed into a stressful work week, the Scent Rhythm may not exactly optimize your productivity. For those of you who have vacation days coming up or who make your own work hours, however, a shift in your perception just might be the refreshing change of pace your weary mind needs. Of course, as a concept, there’s no production plan set out for the Scent Rhythm yet. A parts list, along with design files are available on Aisen Caro Chacin’s website for those of you with some serious DIY chops and a penchant for messing with time.

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