What could be better than an app-controlled, color-changing lightbulb? An app-controlled, color-changing lightbulb with a built-in speaker. That’s what you get with the AirBulb.



The idea is really fantastic. I mean, we want a speaker in every room, and of course we want a lightbulb in every room. What we don’t want is to be charging batteries the whole time, or to be fooling around with AirPlay, which sound great – but only when it works.

The AirBulb can switch between warm and cool white LED light at the touch of an app, and can stream your music through its 3-watt amp. And of course your can make the lights flash to create your own lame school-disco style setup.

Even the price is good – just $69 (less for early bird backers). This is too much for a light bulb, but fine for a Bluetooth speaker, and here you get both.

And that’s it. Pitch in and wait until December to see if they ever actually get made.

Via Cult of Mac