People in the U.S. who go online spend more time on average perusing social networks than watching online video. But what else is eating up time: email.

GfK and the Interactive Advertising Bureau conducted an online survey in the U.S. as part of a digital-video report ahead of the advertising “upfronts” and the web video “NewFronts.”  Statista created the chart from the report’s data, which was published in April.

People surveyed said they spent about an average of 37 minutes a day on social networks like Facebook and Twitter in 2013, according to the survey. Emailing clocked in at a robust 29 minutes, while watching online video — everything from TV shows and movies to amateur video and shorter professionally produced clips — was 23 minutes.

The report found that while people doubled the amount of time they spent watching online video over the past four years, the overall percentage of their online time spent watching video slipped to 12% in 2013 from 13% the year before. (Overall time online is rising, largely driven by mobile.)  The average number of minutes watching video, emailing and reading newspapers online all slipped. What are people doing more of? Reading blogs, gaming and listening to the radio all saw increases.

Via Wall Street Journal