3D printed house made from Saltygloo.

Emerging Objects are re-imagining the process that goes into constructing a 3D home by blending traditional methods and 3D printing manufacturing. (Pics)



The Oakland-based 3D printing agency’s project for the Jin Hai Lake Resort in Beijing, aptly-titled 3D Printed House 1.0, uses salt (they call it “Saltygloo”) and a cement polymer as primary materials to construct the private spaces within the house.

Beyond the funky Saltygloo name, this is unusual because the 3D printing process involved in most homes that have been printed to date focuses on the concrete shell of the home, leaving the integral parts like the interior walls and roof to be constructed using traditional methods.

Furthermore, 3D printed homes typically require a single, very large 3D printer. Emerging Objects use “printer farms” consisting of multiple industrial 3D printers tasked with printing the smaller components for the home’s interior components.

Have a look at a few more images below and check out the Emerging Objects website to learn more about the process.


Outside the 3D printed house is a free-standing 3D printed pool cabana.


The interior of a 3D printed room made from Saltygloo.

Via World Architecture