US Army fires 3D-printed grenade launcher

The US Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) has successfully fired the first 3D-printed grenade from a 3D-printed grenade launcher. Part of a demonstration of how such technology can be used to greatly speed up prototyping and modification of weapons while lowering costs, the grenade launcher, called RAMBO (Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance), was based on an M203A1 grenade launcher and every component, with the exception of the springs and fasteners, was manufactured using additive manufacturing.

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World’s largest, fastest 3D printed drone takes flight


3D printing innovation is getting faster, even as fast as 150 mph/h. A new fully 3D printed drone took flight and is capable of reaching that record breaking speed. The drone was created through a collaboration between Stratasys Ltd. and Aurora Flight Sciences. (Video)

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3D printed maps will enable the blind to navigate their city

3d maps

3D printed map.

While modern technology has benefited most of us by turning the things we consume from physical object into pixels on a screen, those with sight difficulties don’t get along well with visual stimuli or touchscreen devices. We have seen Yahoo! Japan develop Hands On Search, a project that lets blind kids carry out web searches with 3D printed results. Now the country’s governmental department GSI is creating software that will enable those with visual impairments to print out 3D versions of online maps.



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Surgeons replace woman’s entire cranium with 3D printed skull


3D printed skullcap

An anonymous man in the U.S. received what was then the world’s largest 3D-printed skull implant a year ago. That record has just been broken. A 22-year-old Dutch woman has just received a transplant of her entire cranium in an operation that lasted an incredible 23 hours. (Video)



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3D printed bio patch can reverse heart attacks and keep hearts beating

3D-printed-pacemaker 1

Stretchable electronics make it possible to custom fit pacemakers for each patient.

Scientists have developed an interconnected web of sensors and electrodes that can monitor someone’s heart around the clock, as well as deliver tiny electrical impulses to ensure it keeps beating properly. This even applies to catastrophic events such as a heart attack, which the device can often reverse. Thanks to the use of 3D printing, each device can be custom fitted to an individual patient to ensure the best possible results.



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