Kala Segway

The Segway offers transportation solutions that would reduce congestion, pollution and other environmental problems. The unique design and function of the Segway has a fresh idea and excites the imagination of several people, designers included. If we fast forward a few years,  we will see quite a number of concept vehicles entering the market with the same vision. Here are some of these futuristic models Segway lovers would need to look out for in the near future. (Pics)



Concept Centaur


Concept Centaur would radicalize four-wheel transportation. The vehicle uses advanced suspension and propulsion techniques along with a spontaneous UI and a dynamic stabilization technology to offer a great ride for users. Some of its other salient highlights include zero emission, stellar performance on all kinds of terrains, high power, versatility and relatively quiet operation.

Gyroscopic urban vehicle


Going beyond the features of the Segway, the gyroscopic urban vehicle enables self-balance via gyroscopic technology. The rider can sit down and relax while driving rather than standing up and driving as in standard Segway models. The transparent bubble like cabin also ensures a protected ride as drivers maneuver through traffic with the help of nothing but a joystick.

Segway transportation pod


Resembling a mobile pod more than a car, the Segway Transportation Pod is a one-seater vehicle powered by four electric motors, with two motors fitted for each wheel. It is pretty compact in size, thanks to its pod like exoskeleton. This factor would be very handy for riders in places where traffic jams and rush hours are very common.

Mobi electric folding wheelchair


Designed for the aging rider, the Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair is stylish and convenient. While the rider would need to push on the hand rims to power the vehicle, sensors in the rim would detect the pressure and add power to the wheels accordingly, thus giving the effect of power steering. You could also fold the vehicle and store it easily without disassembling it.

Kala Segway


Shaped like a flower, the Kala Segway concept is extremely comfortable and offers the benefits of low carbon footprints combined with high fuel efficiency. Occupying very less space on roads and parking spots, the vehicle can easily maneuver through dense traffic.

Peugeot loop green car


The Peugeot Loop Green Car looks like a cross between the modernized Segway concept vehicles and the centuries old wheels used in ancient Egyptian and Roman kingdoms for the transportation of huge stone blocks. The vehicle makes use of the axle space between its gigantic wheels to offer a simple seating place, thus minimizing space, weight and energy consumption.

Powered by an electric engine, the vehicle is controlled with the help of a remote that is integrated into the central post. The best thing about the Peugeot Loop Green Car however, is its capacity to carry four passengers comfortably. This would definitely make the vehicle a great eco-friendly transport option for a variety of terrains, including golf courses, safari destinations and even old age homes.



We have probably seen plenty of those bicycles that can be folded and carried easily. Well, here comes a Segway-style concept vehicle designed on the same grounds. The Orbis Segway concept vehicle comes with a single wheel and a handle for control. A gyroscope helps to maintain the balance for the 25 lb vehicle that is powered by an electric motor. The Orbis can reach speeds of 22 kmph easily.

Its main highlight is its foldable option that helps you fold back the handles until they merge with the gyroscopic wheel, making the entire vehicle look like nothing but a portable wheel which you can carry around with ease. The Orbis is currently in its conceptual stage, and needs to go through several development stages before a functional prototype, or a production model becomes a reality.


Segway has provided us with an interesting transport medium. While the Segway itself might not have been a huge success, the idea and imagination it brought to the table has inspired several designers. Although, not much breakthrough has been made in this front, we do hope that these futuristic concept cars see the light of day soon enough and transform the way two-wheel and four-wheel drives are seen.

Via Designcot