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Your personal brand website future proofs your career in a world of unstable contract hire.

When you establish Your Personal Brand Website you are essentially setting up ‘The business called You.’ This business called you, you will be leasing to companies for a period of usefulness.


Businesses will engage you based onYour Personal Brand Website as it quickly demonstrates your strengths and your connectivity, your usefulness. They are in fact looking to add your business to their business hub as a means of conducting required tasks.

The ideas we present here are new, for many daunting and it will only be the brave or innovative who takes this route and the ones who succeed. Some years from now Personal Brand Websites will be looked upon in the same way we view business cards today. If you want to be ahead of the field you should set about launching Your Personal Brand today.

We know this about the future:

We will be more connected, to devices, information, to faster speeds of wifi everywhere, the internet will fit seamlessly into our lives. Long term Stable employment will no longer exist Customer acquisition, retention and service will be key and will be driven by a human to human interaction.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. – Alan Kay

These suppositions tell us that:

Informative content is craved, it is everywhere however it needs to stand out to be heard In order to maintain constant employment you will need to excel and specialise, you will need to stand out You have power and valuable equity within your associated tribe, this is your sphere of influence and this is a hugely important asset for businesses. H2H is the secret sauce to customer acquisition, retention and referral.

The below is taken from this excellent article found here: Eight Shocking Quotes from 2012 that will Redefine Our Future

“By 2030 over 2 billion jobs will disappear.“ – Futurist Thomas Frey, author of Communicating with the Future

Whatever you may be thinking when you apply for a job today, you can be sure your prospective employer is thinking, “Will this person add more value than a robot, a computer, or a worker in India?“

The prediction of 2 billion jobs disappearing wasn’t intended to be a doom and gloom prediction. Rather, it was intended as a wakeup call, letting the world know how quickly things are changing, and letting academia know that much of the battle ahead will be taking place on their doorsteps.

“Not only can anyone be an entrepreneur, but they must be.“ – Reid Hoffman, cofounder and executive chairman of LinkedIn Corporation, and author of The Startup of You.

All of us are entrepreneurs of our own lives. We must act as CEO of our careers, take control of our professional future, and become globally competitive.

Are You ready for Your Own Personal Brand Website?

Do You agree with these statements?

You care about your future and want to invest in it now, you know this requires ongoing work but you are committed to a great future. You know yourself and what you have to offer and you want to communicate that now You understand that Your Brand will change and grow over time. You know that your brand and your future require ongoing work You see a future where you are constantly learning, setting and achieving goals.. You want to be the captain of your future and grow it You want to be recognised for your unique set of skills and you want to excel at them You want to add value to other businesses and people You Know the World is small and You want to play globally You understand failure is a part of learning You like change You want to showcase your ability to: communicate, collaborate, think critically and adapt. You want years from now to look back on a body of work you are proud of. You want to leave a Legacy.

If this is You – then get started today on Your Personal Brand Website – we offer a simple step by step process to quickly get you up and running.

Our sites are set on the Genesis framework using premium themes and backed by an international team of developers. We include WP101 training allowing you autonomy over your site, an essential skill for the digitally fluent professional. These sites are robust and allow for change, as your business changes. Consider Your Personal Brand Website as an organic asset, that is living and breathing becoming your No.1 Business Asset.

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