If you travel a lot internationally you more than likely have been stung by roaming Internet charges at some point or another. It’s possible to buy or rent a local SIM card when you’re abroad but this requires that your iPhone be either unlocked or jailbroken — and also limits users to just one mobile carrier in each country. (Video)



Trying to solve this problem is a nifty Kickstarter project which aims to build a its multi-carrier, virtual SIM-equipped iPhone case that means travelers get affordable data roaming in 100+ countries for just $2 a day.

How does it work? Simple: when you arrive in a new country, just snap your iPhone into the ComfortWay travel case and hit “Start Internet” on the dedicated free iOS app. The embedded Virtual SIM module then automatically downloads the correct SIM specs from your local mobile operators, selects the network with the best data connection, and functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your iPhone and up to nine other users.

Your $2 gives to 200MB of daily usage, which should be more than enough for the majority of users — provided you’re not sending and receiving giant images, or downloading entire movies. The iOS app also lets users control charges by adding money to their prepaid account, with data credits that never expire.

The case also boasts a 2400 mAh battery.

Will it come to pass? A lot of that depends on the success of the Kickstarter project. Currently the creators have raised $11,730 against a $120,000 goal. That means there’s still a long way to go, although there’s 34 days remaining on the clock. Get donating if you’re interested!

For those who want to find out more, check out the video below:

 Via Cult of Mac