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A paris-based design company is looking to take the wearable devices trend to the next level with the visualization of ‘cicret‘, a bracelet that projects the screen of your smartphone directly onto your wrist. currently in the prototype phase, the wristband remotely hooks up to a mobile device and emits the interface onto the wearer’s arm, allowing them to read emails, play games, answer calls and check the weather on the surface of the skin.


A promotional video shared on the company’s site — amassing over 3 million views on youtube — shows the physical interaction between user and product: a person swipes, pinches and taps their way through various applications, communicating with their phone on their forearm. if ‘cicret’ becomes a realized product — a goal potentially made possible through a crowdfunding effort — the possibilities of use include underwater interfacing, the ability to answer a call when your phone is across the room, and gaming on the go.


The cicret bracelet: like a tablet…but on your skin

All images courtesy of cicret