Having long been relegated to harsh environments like deserts and nuclear waste dump, robots will not hit the harshest environment of all: your kitchen.  

By using two robotic arms from a company called ShadowRobotics, a company called Moley has created a robotic chef that can chop, stir, sauté, and serve.

Created by Mark Oleynik, the robotic arms are programmed to precisely replicate recipes. It’s not totally automatic – you still have to lay the ingredients out in a specific way – but in a demo for the IBTimes it seems like the robot was an able and patient cook. It took 30 minutes to make a soup dish with no human intervention.

It can even put dirty dishes in the sink.

The robot isn’t quite ready for your home kitchen. It requires a great deal of specific programming and can mimic the actions of a great chef but, sadly, can’t taste the result. However if you’re looking a recipe remade again and again in exactly the same way, this might fit the bill. I, for one, welcome our robotic chef overlords.

Image credit:  ShadowRobot
Via TechCrunch