Novalogy a wearable tech startup, has launched an advanced eyewear device that helps the wearer wake up naturally and boost their energy levels to beat jet lag.  

AYO, which is based on scientifically-backed research from Harvard and Oxford, analyzes sleep and lifestyle habits for a more personalized approach.

AYO is a sleek, Bluetooth-connected device that features UV-free lighting. This clinically-tested lighting technology actively improves sleep, increases energy and minimizes jet lag.

The creators note that contemporary lifestyles and indoor work environments have led to imbalanced hormone levels in many people due to a lack of natural sunlight and extended exposure to artificial light. This can result in a lack of energy, decreased hormone levels, a risk of obesity, sleep disorders and an inconsistent sleep rhythm.

To counter these, people can wear the AYO device for 20 minutes each day. It could help increase the energy and improve the hormone levels of stressed workers through the use of safe and natural blue light that mimics sunlight. It could help those who love to snooze find their natural sleep rhythm so their sleep is more energizing and they are more productive when they’re awake.

AYO could also help frequent travelers quickly beat jet lag so they feel refreshed no matter where they are.

To set up the device, users create a profile in the AYO app based on their sleep habits and lifestyle preferences. A sophisticated algorithm then performs an in-depth analysis, calculating critical points for sleep-wake routine and activity levels. The accompanying app measures and tracks energy levels over time and calculates the best time and duration for regular activities such as exercise, meals and sleep.

The different programs with AYO can help the wearer wake up more easily while feeling more energized, as well as alleviating jet lag or making them more active in the evening. The innovative and user-friendly design enables users to wear AYO while brushing their teeth, making breakfast, watching TV, reading the newspaper or checking emails, as it doesn’t distract their eyesight.

AYO is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, where it passed its goal after just a week. Potential backers can pre-order the device for $169, which is a discount of 43% off the $299 retail price. Free worldwide shipping is included, with expected delivery in December and the product due to reach stores in early 2016. You can check out AYO in the video below:

Image and article via PSFK.com