world-economy-gdp-voroni-a7d4.0 has come up with a very cool data visualization that’s a little bit unorthodox. The way it works is that it visualizes the entire world’s economic output as a circle. That circle is then subdivided into a bunch of blobs representing the economy of each major country. And then each country-blob is sliced into three chunks — one for manufacturing, one for services, and one for agriculture.

You can see some cool things here.

  • For example, compare the US and China. Our economy is much larger than theirs, but our industrial sectors are comparable in size, and China’s agriculture sector looks to be a little bit larger. Services are what drive the entire gap.
  • The UK and France have similarly sized overall economies, but agriculture is a much bigger slice of the French pie.
  • For all that Russia gets played up as some kind of global menace, its economy produces less than Italy. Put all the different European countries together, and Russia looks pathetic.
  • You often hear the phrase “China and India,” but you can see here that the two Asian giants are in very different shape economically.
  • The only African nation on this list, South Africa, has a smaller economy than Colombia.

Image and article via Vox