Choosing the spot where your remains will live for eternity is a tough one, especially because there is no changing your mind once it’s said and done. For those looking for a really spectacular way to spend $12,000 that isn’t a lavish funeral on Earth, the San Francisco-based Elysium Space has you covered, offering to shoot your ashes into space or even onto the surface of the moon.

The Lunar Memorial is a new offering from the company, which has been performing celestial funerals since 2013. If you’re among the first 50 pre-need registrants, you can score a discount, dropping the price to just $9,950. After those slots are sold, the regular price of $11,950 will apply. Everyone who scores a reservation will be able to have a small amount of their cremains, around 1 gram worth, placed into a tiny but elegant metal box and taken aboard the Astrobotic’s Griffin lander as part of Astrobotic Mission One. Surviving loved ones can opt to have the departed’s initials and a personal message on the capsule, and they will also get a video of the launch event after the deed’s been done.

Maybe the Moon isn’t good enough for you. If that’s how you feel, you can hold out for Elysium’s next roll out, the Milky Way Memorial, which involves sending a portion of your remains beyond the boundaries of our solar system and into Deep Space. No word on when that option will be available or how much it will cost, but it seems like a good alternative for remembering a loved one with a truly “out of this world” personality.

Image credit:  Elysium Space
Via Inhabitat