Last March, we heard a crazy rumor that someone was starting a single-marque Tesla racing series alled Electric GT. Then, in November, we saw the first working prototype of the Model S P85+ race car. At the UK’s Autosport International Show on Friday, Electric GT officially unveiled the first racing-spec Tesla with a live demonstration of the new P100D version.

Motor Authority was at the presentation, where organizers gave more details. The new car has been completely stripped, resulting in an 1100-lb. weight loss. The electric motors, meanwhile, now make 778 horsepower and 734 lb.-ft. of torque. So while the regular Model S P100D can hit 60 mph in a claimed 2.4 seconds, the race car will do it in 2.1 seconds—a notable improvement to what’s already astounding acceleration.

Currently, Electric GT’s first season is set to kick off in September of this year. Twenty drivers divided across 10 teams will compete in seven races. But while the organizing body seems to have solved the battery pack cooling issue that keeps normal electric cars off the racetrack, the 37-mile race distance indicates that range is still a limiting issue.

It’s clear the series still will still need time to come into its own, but it’s cool to see a racing series built around the most widely recognized high-performance electric car. Maybe in the future, we’ll see other automakers represented, too.

Image Credit / Article via roadandtrack.com