Pocket-sized drones like the Mavic Pro seem poised to be the photography of the future, but one company is taking things to the next level by slapping a tiny drone inside an iPhone case. It’s called the Selfly and while the little drone is not as powerful as its larger rivals, it packs a ton of incredible features that fit in your pocket and won’t hurt your wallet.

Selfly is designed to work with both iPhone and Android devices. The 9mmm thick case attaches to the back of your smartphone. Your can pop the drone out and be ready to fly in seconds and it’s so easy enough to control pretty much anyone can do it.

While Selfly doesn’t boast a long distance range, it’s a perfect portable tripod. The makers behind it envision the drone being used as a floating selfie stick so you can great pictures with your friends without looking ridiculous. You can use it to snap 8MP photos or shoot 1080p video.

The drone comes with autonomous flight modes that allow it to hover in one spot, or follow a subject. Its currently in the fundraising period, but will hopefully go into full production later this year at a price of $139.

Image Credit: Selfly
Article via cultofmac.com