The concept of the sleeper bus isn’t foreign to the seasoned traveler. We’ve endured them throughout a large portion of Southeast Asia, after all, and that’s just one small corner of the world. Now, however, the idea has come to California, resulting in a sleeper bus that takes passengers between San Francisco and Los Angeles overnight.

But this isn’t your average overnight bus. Gone are the upright seats and uncomfortable leg room and in replace come private pods where you can stretch out to sleep. While on wheels, it’s very much like a capsule hotel, complete with fresh sheets on every trip and an attendant serving complimentary water, tea, and coffee.

Titled Cabin, the bus is beginning runs this month, leaving one destination at 11pm and arriving to the next at 7am. Once you’ve boarded and tucked in to your bunk, you can go straight to sleep or stay up with the pod’s USB sockets, reading lights, and Wifi.

Costs per trip are estimated at about $115 one way, and includes two pieces of luggage and a small carry on per traveler. While Cabin is only serving SF and LA as of right now, there are plans to expand in future. Now if only we could get this concept up in  the air…