For 40 years, kids enamored with Luke Skywalker’s beat-up X-34 Landspeeder have had two choices: they could play with a tiny action figure version, or they could sit in a cardboard box and make speeder sound effects.  That has changed with the coolest Star Wars toy for younglings unveiled here at Comic-Con — the first officially licensed kids’ size Star Wars Landspeeder, coming this September from Radio Flyer (and available for pre-order here).


Landspeeders roll out at Comic-Con in San Diego

The $499 toy, to be sold at Toys”R”Us, won’t break any land speed records; it has a top speed of 5 mph in its two forward gears (and 2 mph in reverse).   You’ll get about 5 hours of driving sidewalks (please, no roads) on a single charge.   But as you can see in the official video, it makes up for relative slowness with incredible cuteness.

With apologies to older fans, this 62-inch vehicle carries a maximum weight of 130 lbs — barely enough room for a li’l Luke and li’l Obi-Wan, let alone the droids you’re not looking for.

Radio Flyer produces a variety of electric kids’ vehicles, including a tiny Tesla Model S you can charge and plug an MP3 player into.   The Model S also retails for $499.

Via Mashable