After a 25-store test run over the last couple years, Kroger is expanding the Scan, Bag, Go service to roughly 400 stores during 2018. Somewhat similar to Amazon’s Go convenience store, shoppers at Kroger will be able to fill their shopping basket with scanned items and exit the store after a quick stop at a self-checkout station.

Using a smartphone, users have to scan each item when placed in their cart rather than scanning the items at checkout. The Scan, Bag, Go mobile app keeps track of the running total — ideal for anyone on a budget. When a shopper is ready to leave, they exit at a self checkout station, scan their smartphone, and submit payment. Kroger’s future plan for the app will store credit card information in order to complete the purchase without even visiting a self-checkout station.

At this time, the Scan, Bag, Go service is available in the Greater Cincinnati area as well as a few select locations in Phoenix, Arizona. Kroger hasn’t officially announced the 400 expansion locations, but the company should make an announcement during the new year. Some of Kroger’s regional grocery store chains include City Market, Dillions Food Stores, Fry’s Food, Harris Teeter, King Soopers, Ralphs, and Smith’s.

Via Digitaltrends