FinalStraw is the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw. The product’s website boasts a mission to “reduce plastic straws use by giving you a convenient, collapsible, reusable alternative.”

The product comes in a small and keychain-friendly container that allows you to bring FinalStraw with you wherever you go. It is also available in five different colors: suck-ulent green, shark-butt grey, healthy coral, artic-melt blue, and sea tur-teal.

As Business Insider reports, the start-up for the product raised $1.8 million. “With over 150,000 FinalStraws sold through the Kickstarter and their official site, it’s clear that FinalStraw™ is here to stay, and that people are very excited about finding a convenient, sustainable alternative to plastic straws.”

In his interview with the outlet, co-founder and president Mike Pepper explained, “When we launched FinalStraw’s Kickstarter, our goal was to sell about five thousand units, and now we’re producing hundreds of thousands. We could have never imagined this success leading to pitching our idea on SharkTank. We’re excited to bring our mission of ridding the planet of single-use plastics to the Sharks, and their global audience.”

1.6 straws are used per person, per day. According to the FinalStraw website, Americans use enough straws to wrap around the Earth 2.5 every day. Straws also can’t decompose, leading to long-term pollution.

FinalStraw can be pre-ordered now with expected delivery in November 2018. The product is being sold for $25.00, which you can get your hands on here.

Emma Rose Cohen, the co-founder and CEO of FinalStraw, graduated with a masters degree in environmental management and sustainability from Harvard. She spent four years working in the Pollution Prevention Department at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Pepper, meanwhile, is a cinematographer by trade.