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There are plenty of things in life that are a part of our routine. We’ve gotten used to them. They’re comfortable and familiar. And brushing your teeth is a perfect example. You expect to block out three to four minutes every morning and every night to brush every tooth one at a time until they’re squeaky clean.

But not anymore.

The creators of Unobrush have reinvented the way we brush our teeth. And, turns out, they’re absolutely crushing it on KickStarter., where the project is being crowdfunded.

Looking nothing like a traditional toothbrush, the device uses an ergonomic, patent-pending medical-grade sponge-like mouthpiece and pulsing sonic vibrations to clean all of your teeth simultaneously in just 6 seconds! Think of it as a hyperactive mouthguard.

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unobrush smart toothbrush cleans in six seconds

The ergonomic mouthpiece is designed to fit every type of mouth — you just bite down and it forms to every tooth, cleaning 99.9 percent of the surfaces and crevices on your teeth as well as protecting your gums. This makes the experience personalized to each user. No more one-size-fits-all toothbrushes with bristles too soft for deep cleaning or too hard on your gums.

In addition, your traditional toothbrush that’s sitting on your sink counter right now could be housing up to 100 million bacteria including E. coli and staph. And, not to absolutely gross you out, but the closer your toothbrush is to the toilet, the greater chance it has of picking up germs from the toilet. Bacteria are released into the air every time you flush and could potentially land on your toothbrush.

Unobrush has solved that problem, as well. Once you’re done brushing your teeth, you can just slot the Unobrush into its docking station. The station uses UV light to destroy 99.9 percent of all germs. So not only does this system clean your brush better than you can, it keeps it protected from all other kinds of bacteria floating around. The docking station’s design is sleek and minimal, allowing it to blend with your bathroom decor rather than be an eyesore like many electric toothbrush setups.

What’s more important than oral hygiene? Your health, and your smile, rely on your dedicated morning and evening routine, but so much more can be done in less time. Even if you brush as frequently as your dentist tells you to, your current toothbrush likely only cleans 40-80 percent of your mouth. Unobrush promises to be two times as effective. Use the link below if you are interested in participating in the crowdfunding project that is funding the production of this device, though as we always mention, caution should be shown when considering any crowdfunding project.

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