This smart toothbrush will clean all your teeth in just 6 seconds

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There are plenty of things in life that are a part of our routine. We’ve gotten used to them. They’re comfortable and familiar. And brushing your teeth is a perfect example. You expect to block out three to four minutes every morning and every night to brush every tooth one at a time until they’re squeaky clean.

But not anymore.

The creators of Unobrush have reinvented the way we brush our teeth. And, turns out, they’re absolutely crushing it on KickStarter., where the project is being crowdfunded.

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The world’s first connected electric toothbrush

electric toothbrush

Kolibree connected electric toothbrush.

Kolibree has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its connected electric toothbrush, a product that first caught our eye at CES in January. The Paris-based company hopes to raise $70,000 by May 25, and it’s already reached $56,000 from backers at the time of this post. (Video)



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Brush Your Teeth with THIS Stick

THIS tooth brush1234

THIS is it for your teeth!

A miswak is a tooth cleaning stick made from the Salvadora persica tree. It’s traditionally used in Pakistan, India, and the Middle East in place of a modern plastic toothbrush. The bristles inside the plant, once exposed by cutting across the stem, are effective as a cleaning instrument. Leen Sadder, a design student, decided to make a modern version..

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Solar Toothbrush Could Eliminate the Need for Toothpaste


Solar toothbrush

When we first saw this new gadget, we thought “Oh, a mechanical toothbrush powered by the sun.” But that isn’t what this is. Instead of using solar rays to charge itself up, the toothbrush uses them to catalyze a powerful chemical reaction that could leave your mouth way cleaner than regular old brushing does. “You see complete destruction of bacterial cells,” says Kunio Komiyama, the inventor of the device. Oh, and did we mention that no toothpaste is required? Watch out Colgate!


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Self-Standing Toothbrush


Ever felt icky about putting down your toothbrush onto the sink? Keep it rested on the toothpaste or balance it on the soap dish, but never flat on the sink surface! For hygiene-freaks like me is the DEWS Toothbrush by Ryan and Harc, an ergonomically designed brush that keeps standing upright and never tipples over. There are weights at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base. When you set it down, it stays put for a second and then springs back upright. Tumble-doll-brush! (Pics)

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UV Toothbrush Uses Kinetic Energy


shake brush 4321

What a nifty idea! Many folks insist that toothbrushes should be sterilized, after all, if you don’t, your toothbrush could become a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria. This concept toothbrush will harness the kinetic energy that we generate through the activity of us brushing out teeth. If you brush for 3 minutes, you should have made about 700 strokes, enough to power the UV LED in the tooth brush to zap the bacteria in the toothbrush.

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