New research has shown that if a man wants to live a long healthy life, marrying a smart woman will go a long way in fulfilling this desire. Besides increasing longevity, having an intelligent wife can negate the chances of a man catching dementia. The right partner will definitely help enrich a person’s life.

However, intelligence is not the only criteria for a happy relationship. Compatibility is another key factor. Just like the old adage says ‘do not judge a book by its cover,’ so too a person’s outward appearance should not be the yardstick for the selection of a partner. Younger people are generally attracted to the physical aspects of a person and sometimes fail to look beyond that. This often results in bad relationships or marriages in the later years. Choosing mind over matter can, therefore, have great benefits for both.

Alzheimer’s and dementia can both be kept at bay by other factors such as

• A secure bank balance

• The right diet during pregnancy

• Taking on new challenges to stimulate the brain such as learning a new language Constant stimulation of the brain is very important for a healthy mind.

Although solving puzzles and reading are good mental boosters, taking up activities that are more challenging will go a long way in helping the brain stay healthy in the future. Traveling to various places, meeting and engaging with different kinds of people, learning something that you never thought you could do will all help in stimulating the brain. Learn a new language or learn to play a musical instrument.

Having an intelligent partner who is as keen on taking up new challenges as you, will be a plus point. Anything challenging becomes easier to handle with the right support and company. So exploring new places or taking up a new skill will be more enjoyable when it is shared with a spouse. A visit to a museum or participating actively in a book club will take on a whole new dimension and not come across as boring activities when you have an intelligent partner to provide you with inputs.

However, a smart partner is not a sure shot remedy for keeping dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay as there are several other factors responsible for these diseases. Genetics does play a big role, so if there is a history of either of these ailments in the family, one should be even more conscious of stimulating the mind. If you have a smart spouse, finding avenues to improve your mental health will be easier and more interesting.

Via Big Perspectives