World-first gene therapy reverses Alzheimer’s memory loss in mice


Research into Alzheimer’s-related memory loss has uncovered an exciting new breakthrough in the form of a world-first gene therapy

Scientists in Australia have made an exciting breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research, demonstrating what they describe as the first gene-therapy-based approach for treating advanced forms of the disease. Through experiments in mice, the team was able to show how activating a key enzyme in the brain can prevent the kind of memory loss associated with advanced forms of Alzheimer’s, and even reverse it.

The research was carried out at Macquarie University, where dementia researchers and brothers Lars and Arne Ittner were investigating the role of a key enzyme in the brain called p38gamma. Through previous research, the brothers had shown that by activating this enzyme in mice with advanced dementia, they could modify a protein that prevents the development of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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New research says men who marry intelligent women live longer


New research has shown that if a man wants to live a long healthy life, marrying a smart woman will go a long way in fulfilling this desire. Besides increasing longevity, having an intelligent wife can negate the chances of a man catching dementia. The right partner will definitely help enrich a person’s life.

However, intelligence is not the only criteria for a happy relationship. Compatibility is another key factor. Just like the old adage says ‘do not judge a book by its cover,’ so too a person’s outward appearance should not be the yardstick for the selection of a partner. Younger people are generally attracted to the physical aspects of a person and sometimes fail to look beyond that. This often results in bad relationships or marriages in the later years. Choosing mind over matter can, therefore, have great benefits for both.

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How Virtual Reality can Help with Curing Alzheimers Disease


90 year old grandmother tries Oculus Rift 

Nearly 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia. It is a devastating disease that leaves individuals as shells of their former selves. For the millions of family members of those affected by the disease, one of the hardest things in dealing with the disease is empathizing with the victims. What the patients are going through simply is not within our own personal realms of experience, and it makes it hard to relate and help them cope with their disorder. With Alzheimer’s Disease International projecting the number of sufferers to nearly double within the next 15 years, it is clear there is a need to help caregivers and families empathize better with these victims. That is exactly what Opaque Multimedia is hoping to accomplish with the Virtual Dementia Experience.

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Top 10 ways technology will change the world by 2025

electric cars

By 2025 electric vehicles will take over traditional vehicles.

Technology is changing the way we live our day-to-day lives. It’s exciting to imagine what the future will bring.  We may like to imagine one day living on Mars with technology that lets us teleport our toothpaste from CVS and the ability to apparate like Harry Potter.



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Longevity gene may enhance brain power

brain boosting

If scientists could boost the brain’s ability to function, they may be able to counter dementias.

For the first time ever, scientists have shown that people who have a variant of a gene called KLOTHO also have improved cognitive abilities, including better memories and enhanced thinking skills.



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Dementia rates are dropping sharply: Study

Dementia rates are dropping among people older than 65.

There is hope for people who are worried about dementia.The Lancet has published recent discoveries that reveal dementia rates among people older than 65 are dropping.  Alzheimer researchers are excited about the possibility that every successive generation will not face the same risk of dementia as commonly believed from previous studies.


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Cost of dementia care in the U.S. will double by 2040

Facing the aging of the baby boom generation, the U.S. is unprepared for the coming surge in the cost and cases of dementia.

How much does it cost to care for American’s with dementia?  A new study has found that the financial burden is at least as high as that of heart disease or cancer, and it may be even higher. And both the costs and the number of people with dementia will more than double within 30 years, skyrocketing at a rate that rarely occurs with a chronic disease.



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Dementia cases expected to triple by 2050


Treating and caring for people with dementia currently costs the world more than US$ 604 billion per year.

Nearly 35.6 million people live with dementia worldwide. By 2030 this number is expected to double (65.7 million) and more than triple by 2050 (115.4 million). Dementia affects people in all countries, with more than half (58%) living in low- and middle-income countries. By 2050, this is likely to rise to more than 70%.

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Alzheimer’s disease could cause a global cash crunch say experts


People living with incurable dementia will reach reach 115 million by 2050 worldwide.

Experts believe as people begin to live to 100 Alzheimer’s disease could cause a global cash crunch in coming generations and must be considered a serious fiscal danger.

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