For those of us who aren’t adventurous enough to ride scooters, Segway has come up with something new: the personal transportation pod.

The well-known self-balancing personal transport brand (owned by Chinese company Segway-Ninebot since 2015) has unveiled the Segway S-Pod, a smart transporting pod for enclosed campuses such as airports, theme parks, and malls.

Segway said it is a safe, self-balancing vehicle that is operated by an intuitive assistive navigation panel. It spins and rotates by the center smoothly for directional changes. Segway-Ninebot will show off the S-Pod and other transportation products at CES 2020, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas next week.

The Jurassic World Gyrosphere served as the inspiration for this product. The seating of the S-Pod offers wide-angle views for an expansive viewing field for passengers and can reach a speed of 24 miles per hour. The price hasn’t been disclosed yet.

The rider does not need to physically lean forward and back to accelerate or slow down — an adaptive automatic control system enables the passenger to easily adjust the speed by using a knob to change the center of gravity in the pod. Placing the “brake” based on the shift of the center of gravity reduces the possibility of the S-Pod tipping over. A detachable built-in pad serves as a remote control system.

Segway-Ninebot is also introducing its Kickscooter Air T15 with the Smart Kick System — you simply kick and go.