The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the global jobs market, according to data compiled by LinkedIn, with the economic crisis forcing businesses to cut jobs and slow hiring in most areas.

A report from the United Nations’ International Labour Organization has estimated that the number of working hours lost in the second quarter of 2020 is expected to be the equivalent of 400 million full-time jobs.

It means seeking out positions that are in-demand from employers and re-training accordingly are among some of the potential solutions to gaining an edge in this competitive jobs climate.

In the U.K., for example, LinkedIn said that the jobs market is currently three times more competitive when compared to the same period last year.

Josh Graff, U.K. country manager at LinkedIn, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” that Britain is facing the “toughest labor market in a generation” as a result of the economic fallout from Covid-19.

In a report published Wednesday, LinkedIn identified the most in-demand roles in the global economy by analyzing job postings data on its platform.

The professional social network said these roles have the highest number of openings. They had also seen steady growth over the past four years, with no significant drops in hiring during that period.

In addition, these positions paid a salary in line with or above the living wage. It also found learning courses for these positions to be accessible for people without a college degree and that people without a university education were employed in these occupations.

The top 10 most in-demand roles globally

  1. Software Developer
  2. Sales Representative
  3. Project Manager
  4. IT Administrator
  5. Customer Service Specialist
  6. Digital Marketer
  7. IT Support/Help Desk
  8. Data Analyst
  9. Financial Analyst
  10. Graphic Designer

“I think the beauty of these jobs is that you don’t necessarily need formal education, you can develop the skills that you need online,” said Graff, before adding that he did think college still had a “really important role to play.”

Graff said he had actually dropped out of college, and therefore understood those who may prefer to go directly into work to get some professional experience.

Via CNBC.com