The OpenSeed Meditation Pod creative escape provides a room at work you didn’t know you needed: a place of calm.

More than just a space to retreat, this pod also integrates sound, meditation, essential oils, light, and technology. Sure, it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle for a moment and recharge, but that’s not all this is about.

In fact, because of all the integrations in this workspace escape, you’ll have access to higher states of awareness and creativity, which will improve your effectiveness.


Crafted with a built-in touchscreen inside, the Meditation Pod guides you through sound therapies, experiences, and meditations. As far as the look, its handcrafted exterior is gorgeous, and it can fit three people inside. Don’t worry, there’s an air ventilation system, too.


Its concealed speakers provide immersive 3D sound, and the noise-isolating shell ensures this creative escape won’t bother anyone outside.