By  Fabienne Lang

The company unveiled its office van concept that lets you work from anywhere.

Remote working just became a lot cooler thanks to Nissan. The Japanese car company unveiled its NV350 van on YouTube last week, and it’s been specially refurbished to house a remote office pod. 

With remote working becoming part of regular life lately, Nissan has smartly jumped on the bandwagon to offer an alternative for those who can’t stand working from home — or who simply want a change of scenery. 

The van allows people to work from anywhere, but it’s sadly only a concept at this stage. 

Remote working takes on a whole new meaning with this van. You can literally immerse yourself in nature — once retracted, the office pod doesn’t host windows though, so you have to be a nature fan to enjoy this design. 

Nissan's New Pod Concept Turns Remote Working into a Dream
Indoor working space.

Alternatively, if working directly in the great outdoors isn’t quite your thing, the van allows for a comfortable indoor working space, which has electric shades that make the lighting work well for a computer screen. 

Nissan's New Pod Concept Turns Remote Working into a Dream
Floor view. 

On top of that, you won’t fall asleep thanks to the built-in coffee machine that comes with the van. But if you insist on having a post-lunch nap in nature, you simply have to head up to the rooftop that’s equipped with a lounge chair and parasol. It doesn’t get much more comfortable than that!

Nissan's New Pod Concept Turns Remote Working into a Dream
Rooftop hangout space. 

You’d have to make sure to park somewhere near a toilet or near trees, though, as the van doesn’t have a bathroom.

Aside from that, Nissan’s office pod van concept offers a fantastic solution for many people struggling to stay concentrated while working from home.