The company responsible for moving so much around the US and the globe laid out a number of massive initiatives to reach its target.

By Sean Szymkowski

This battery-powered commercial van is sure to get couriers and delivery companies all hot and bothered.GM

FedEx said on Wednesday it will do its part to cut emissions from its global business, which is a big deal for a corporation as sprawling as FedEx. The company said it’s committed to become carbon-neutral by 2040 at the latest and laid out a number of projects and initiatives it will enact to meet its goal.

Chief among them is tossing any delivery vehicle that runs on fossil fuels to the curb. By 2040, FedEx said its entire ground fleet will consist of zero-emissions electric vehicles. Purchases of electric vehicles will ramp up to 50% in 2025 before all vehicle purchases move to EV in 2030. By 2040, the last of its vehicles with an engine will exit service. Going carbon-neutral doesn’t stop at filling out a fleet of electric delivery vehicles, however. FedEx already announced an initial purchase order for General Motors’ upcoming BrightDrop EV600 electric delivery vans.