Micah Toll 

Who said Segways aren’t cool? Not the dude riding a hybrid hydrogen and electric-powered Segway Apex H2 motorcycle, that’s for sure.

Or at least that’s probably what he’d say if this concept motorcycle ever makes it to production.

The Segway Apex H2 appears to be a follow-up to the previously seen Segway Apex, an electric motorcycle first unveiled by the company in late 2019.

While the original announcement of the Segway Apex electric motorcycle was met with significant skepticism, the company seems to have been pretty serious about the motorcycle project.

We even saw the bike being track tested last year, though it was a bit ironic that a bike named the “Apex” had trouble hitting apexes.

Now Segway is following up with the Segway Apex H2. 

Via Electreck.com