The means of actually recruiting an employee and onboarding them with the job has changed its meaning in 2020.

By Brand Post

Virtual reality – The future or should we say the present and the most prominent technology for the best user interface. Virtual reality has changed the means of interaction and shopping. Among the successful conversion rates in eCommerce sectors, Virtual reality is incorporating itself in the corporate world, i.e workplace. Virtual reality in the workplace assures, to enhance the learning process, better produce in expressing innovative ideas and of course seamless onboarding as well as training of employees.

Virtual reality is playing a major role in training employees. It is easy and entertaining not only to understand things but also to memorize them. Practical knowledge lasts longer than theoretical knowledge. The application of Virtual Reality has truly made the memorable process easy and better than any audio/video education platform today. In various industries like healthcare, army. Doctors, surgeons, and officers are well prepared for the actual procedure.

A recent report even stated that ”83% of surgeons, doctors trained in VR were ready to complete the procedure in a lab setting with minimal guidance.”

It has shown that they did better than the ones, who were trained with traditional methods. Because they had no experience in the application of these pieces of training.