The world’s first autonomous electric street sweeper promises efficient and silent operation in all weathers.

Developed by Finnish road maintenance equipment manufacturer Trombia Technologies, Trombia Free is an autonomous electric street-cleaner that uses less than 15 per cent of the power needed by current sweeping technologies and 95 per cent less water, while still being capable of heavy-duty operation, effectively removing both debris and fine PM2.5 dust.

Built to operate in all weather conditions, the Trombia Free has the look of an oversized robotic vacuum cleaner or lawnmower. It makes use of lidar and machine vision technology to trundle around cleaning up city streets and pathways. The company equipped the sweeper with a safety margin zone so it can register obstacles in front and stop if needed.

Vital statistics

Working width: 2.2m (up to 3m with two gutter brooms)

Fine dust removal width: 2.2m

Lithium-ion battery package (single): 45.6kWh

Lithium-ion battery package (double): 91.2kWh

5 hours charging time: 0-100 per cent through high-power plug

15 hours charging time: 0-100 per cent through regular 230V mains plug

Speed of actual sweeping and high-power dust removal: 1-6km/h

Actual fine dust removal efficiency: 4,400-8,800m2/h

Mechanical sweeping features: 30cm vertical float, 10o horizontal float

Average power requirement: 10kw 

Energy consumption per general urban area cleaning: 0.0006kwh/m2 

Power intake transport movement: 3.5kw

Autonomy (continuous high-power street cleaning): 4 hours (single battery package), 8 hours (double battery package)

Empty weight: 2,600kg

Length: 3.52m

Overall width: 2.3m

Height: 1.5m