4ocean partners with Poralu Marine for a more effective way to clear up trash.

The plastic pollution crisis has no doubt devastated ocean ecosystems worldwide. With a continual rise in trash and litter on shorelines, 4ocean has partnered with Poralu Marine to create an effective and sustainable solution for beach cleanups.

The BeBot is essentially a solar-powered, beach cleaning robot specifically designed to recover any coastal plastic debris The electric-powered bot can clean up to 3,000 sqm of beach per hour, making it 20 to 30 times more efficient than cleaning the trash on the beach by hand. Easy to manoeuver and operate, the BeBot can be operated from 950 feet away.

The robot is an impressive addition to 4ocean’s goal of removing 20 million pounds of trash by the end of 2021. For many years, the company’s main purpose is to create an economy around cleaning the ocean, prioritizing coastal communities and educating consumers about the effects of plastic consumption.

The BeBot, created with the intention of cleaning trash, is the first of its kind.

Via HyperBeast.com