Artificial intelligence has found yet another valuable use case, finding dates! 

by Apoorva Komarraju

Artificial Intelligence is an astounding technology that is transforming many aspects of our lives, even dating! Over the last decade, online dating has become an everyday reality. Human lives are only becoming hectic and people are seeking online options to find companionship. Hence, dating app development has picked up the pace. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making the process of finding the right match easier. Users often complain about the mismatch of profiles, but with these technologies, the searching process becomes more personalized and accurate. 

Accurate Matches 

Swipe left or swipe right, the matching feature is a critical function of any dating app. With AI, the machining process is becoming more tailored, accurate, and personalized. AI algorithms memorize user behavior and tailor a list of people with similar interests and compatibility. The technology can analyze your previous matches to show potential matches. In short, the more you use the app, the more data it gets to understand you and gives you accurate matches. It takes the smallest details into account like profile length, sentiments, communication, and response time to do the job accurately. 

Increased Security 

Hackers leave no stone (and app) unturned to leak data. AI technology helps in improving the apps’ security as well as block any fraudulent activities. This will, in turn, provide a more positive experience to the users. The better the user experience is, the higher the chances will become of users paying for the premium memberships. Removing the risk of fraud is the only way users will remain loyal to the app. Privacy and security should be the top priority for any app developer and artificial intelligence is brilliant at detecting suspicious actions, altering the teams in case it detects any anomalies. 

User Moderation 

Another thing that can amount to a positive user experience is user moderation. AI can identify fake profiles and people with inappropriate behavior and block their profiles or report it for misconduct. Human moderation is a time-consuming process and the overall process will be much faster and effective. 

Quality Checks

Users often complain that they are not receiving quality matches on dating apps. AI can give suggestions on how to improve the profile and make it more visible and appealing to prospects. The technology can recommend users to change profile pictures, edit the bio, add more relevant information about interests, and facts that will help profiles connect with each other. 

These technical applications might sound unromantic but artificial intelligence solutions have become an inevitable part of human lives, now making their way to improve online data and love life. It will, overall, improve the app’s navigation features and user experience by making the algorithm accurate and enjoyable for all users.