‘Metaverse Seoul’ will let residents visit famous tourist attractions, attend festivals, and even file paperwork with the local council in a virtual reality city hall

By Ciaran Daly

The South Korean capital of Seoul has announced plans to build its own virtual city ‘metaverse’.

Residents will soon be able to attend gigs and famous tourist sites or complain to the council about potholes all through virtual reality.

The city’s government revealed its plans to build a Blade Runner-style ‘Metaverse Seoul’ by the end of next year.

The project will start with a virtual bell ringing event at the end of the year, and eventually build a virtual mayor’s office and even a metaverse city hall.

3D avatars will be able to handle complaints and applications at the ‘Metaverse 120 Center’, so citizens can finally queue to do paperwork in VR instead of in person. 

Panorama aerial view of famous crowded Crossing at Downtown Gangnam Station at Night with motion blured traffic lights and surrounding modern skyscrapers. Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea, Asia.
Seoul is already one of the most futuristic ‘smart cities’ in the world and will soon be the first to enter the metaverse 

The city will also try to provide better services for people with disabilities using the metaverse.

Metaverse Seoul will also feature a ‘virtual tourist zone’ that includes major tourist sites and even historical areas that were destroyed in previous wars.

Eventually, the world-famous Seoul Lantern Festival will be opened up to the world in 2023 through the metaverse.

Seoul's metaverse could be just like Blade Runner
Seoul’s metaverse could be just like Blade Runner (Image: Sony)

he £2.4 million project is part of ambitious plans by Seoul Mayor Oh Se-Hoon to create a ‘future emotional city’ over the next ten years. 

It would make Seoul the first city to build its own ‘metaverse’ offerings, and represents an early win for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Architectural detail of the 'Dongdaemun Design Plaza', the cultural hub of Dongdaemun. Designed by starchitect 'Zaha Hadid' it was constructed between 2007-2013
‘Metaverse Seoul’ will incorporate famous Korean landmarks into its virtual world 

Facebook recently rebranded as ‘Meta’ and announced major plans to construct the metaverse, which will use a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality to deliver an immersive 3D ‘internet’.

Via DailyStar.uk