The validation and pilot deployment of this technology has demonstrated encouraging results for COVID-19, with over 95 percent sensitivity under laboratory circumstances. 

By Dipayan Mitra

India researchers from Salcit Technologies have developed a novel application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology named Swaasa to detect lung diseases in humans with a single cough. 

The highly accessible smartphone application listens to the coughs of humans to accurately detect the condition they are suffering from. 

Center for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) teamed with technical, clinical, and health systems expertise through Andhra Medical College and PATH, an international non-profit organization based in Seattle, US, to extend the capabilities of the AI platform and enable it in detecting COVID-19 along with tuberculosis as part of a consortium project financed by the FDCO. 

“After the success of the UK-India Astra-Zeneca vaccine collaboration, our bilateral health tech partnership goes from strength to strength with this AI solution,” said Dr. Andrew Fleming. 

He further added that the healthcare system might save a significant amount of money and time due to this technology. 

According to the plans, researchers aim to further test the platform on the field and boost its commercialization efforts through its nation and international ecosystem. 

Hyderabad-based Healthcare technology company Salcit Technologies is driven by patented artificial intelligence technology that assesses respiratory health through audiometric analysis of cough sounds in conjunction with critical data. 

The company’s technology uses multiple complex machine learning models working together to generate instant insights about respiratory health, indicative patterns, severity, and many more. The C-CAMP-backed firm is best known for its technology that can be used to detect chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).